Thursday, September 15, 2011

Stiff penalty as deterrent

I remember, way back in 2006, me and my partner traveled from Al Khobar to farther east of the Eastern Province to get some soil samples and a few clams along the coast of Jubail. The travel to Jubail along the very fast Saudi Highways would only take around an hour, but during that time our travel did not go as planned because we got stuck in one of the intersections going to Ras Tanura due to some big trucks carrying oilfield equipment. The trucks were moving slowly, and as always, I advised my partner to just take driving as safely as possible and do not hurry. I have had nightmarish experiences along this highway and rushing and getting upset while on the road is a bad idea.

When we reach Jubail around noon, and we started sampling for soil to find some evidence of an oil spill that happened a few weeks back, I was dumbstruck! We literally could not find any evidence for oil, so we dig a few inches along the beach and gather soil samples for lab testing. We went as far as collecting fish tissue sample and some clams for further lab analysis.

My friend told me that Saudi is an oil country, and they are well equipped to clean up oil spill or the company involved will have to pay a stiff penalty.

But no worries we were not playing detectives, hehehe. We are just task to gather soil and tissue samples for lab analysis. Besides, if the clean up is done well, why worry. We were there just to monitor that the clean up was done well.