Wednesday, May 25, 2011

What to buy when going home on exit visa from KSA

Most OFWs that are going home either for vacation or on exit Visa would bring the most common purchases like shoes, shirts, chocolates, electrical appliances, cell phones, and other gadgets. A friend of mine was more forward looking, he knew that most things that he needed to set up his planned business back in the Philippines: vulcanizing and machine shop are cheaper and easily available in KSA. So he decided to purchase welding machine, drills, and other equipments in KSA including a Used Oil Drilling Equipment for a song. He then sent these equipments via a forwarder cheaply back to the Philippines. Sending these heavy equipments are much easier as forwarders do not charge by weight but by size.

He is now operating his vulcanizing and machine shop successfully. His machine shop mostly caters to body repairs and electrical wirings of cars and multicabs and is very profitable.

So to our fellow kabayans in KSA, think ahead. Save money for business capital and purchase equipments that you will need for your planned business in the Philippines while in KSA. When you go back home on exit Visa, you do not have to be unemployed and rely on our government that can barely provide to the needs of our returning Ofws.