Saturday, October 09, 2010

Disappearing and Appearing Jobs

Disappearing Jobs

Not necessarily or totally disappear. The demand for this jobs are forecasted to be reduced in the coming years due to various reasons from outsourcing, mechanization, and others.

1. Reporters and Correspondents. Internet and Social Networks have made anyone with Internet access a reporter of some sort. The newspaper industry have been suffering the past few years, and maybe years ahead.

2. Insurance Underwriters. This one will not probably affect the choice of profession for those just entering college. This is because there is no BS on Insurance Underwriters, lolz.

3. Computer Programmers. This I cannot agree. Computer Programmers would be needed for hundred of years, I guess, until such time that everyone can be become programmers themselves.

4. Judges. I hope lawyers too.

5. Chemical Engineers.

6. Advertising and Promotions Managers. This goes with Reporters and Correspondents.


Appearing Jobs

They have been around for years, only that demand for them in the coming years are expected to go up.

1. Social Media Strategist

Related Degrees:
Business Administration
Public Relations
Web Design and Development

2. Homeland Security

Related Degrees:
Criminal Justice
Homeland Security
Information Systems Security

3. Forensic Accounting

Related Degrees:
Business Administration

4. Online Video Game Designer

Related Degrees:
Graphic Design
Programming and Applications
Video Game Design
Web Design

5. Email Marketing Manager

Related Degrees:
Business Administration

6. Home Health Aide

Related Degrees:
Licensed Practical / Vocational Nursing
Nursing Certification
Nursing (ASN, BSN, MSN)

Source: and as provided by CNBC