Monday, August 02, 2010

United Arab Emirates suspends BlackBerry mobile services

Yes, you read it right, United Arab Emirates, will suspend BlackBerry mobile services like e-mail and text messaging beginning in October.

The Emirates have been in a long dispute with Research In Motion, the smartphone’s producer, over the BlackBerry’s highly encrypted data system, which offers security to users but makes it more difficult for governments to monitor communications.

The decision could have significant implications for BlackBerry use in the Persian Gulf region, where Saudi Arabia has been closely studying the issue and may follow suit. Other countries, including Kuwait and Bahrain, have also raised concerns.

Disputes involving privacy and censorship have flared more frequently between governments and communications providers as the Internet connects people worldwide.

This suspension, of course, will affect many traders who do their business via BlackBerry’s highly encrypted data system.

It is and advantage to many people made into liability.

Source: New York Times.