Monday, May 17, 2010

Still worried about Greece? -2

In my earlier post, I said "It is official! The world is out of depression - fears for a deep recession reminiscent of the 1920's is over."

Now I am taking it back!

I am worried, honestly. So I am for prudence, and a more conservative approach.

Yeah...yeah, I know, even at worst times... are also the best of time to earn - big time.


Some news quotes:

"With Wednesday's multimillion-dollar debt deadline looming for Greece, instead of allowing the country to default on its loans and accept reality, and for the euro-zone banks who lent so recklessly to absorb the consequences, the Greek cancer has been allowed to spread into the entire system of the European currency union. The European Central Bank, in concert with other agencies, has agreed to provide more than a trillion dollars (€750 billion) of more debt to prop up the euro-zone banking system...

More debts to solve debt's like dig deeper while you still can...hay....lolz.