Thursday, January 14, 2010

Liberal VS Nationalista Party

These two behemoths will, largely, be the parties left standing "strongly" after May 2010.

The current landscape goes like this:

Liberal Party ---------------------------Nationalista Party

L1. Akbayan, Hontiveros (Socialists)---N1. Satur Ocampo, Liza Masa (Natdems)

L2. Yellow Army, Anti Dictators-------N2. Bongbong Marcos (KBL) and the remnants

L3. Reluctant Presidentiable (Noynoy)----N3. Desperate Presidentiable (Villar)

L4. Moderates/Progressives------------N4. Extremes/Conservatives


1. Most winners will come from these two parties.
2. Noynoy will win. Liberal will be the majority Party, and Nationalista will be the main opposition Party.
3. Roxas can be President in 2015 if Noynoy performed well. If not, the next President will come from the Nationalista Party; Villar if he runs again, if not it will be Cayetano or Remulla.

Simplistic, I know. So mamili ka? Liberal ka ba o Nationalista?