Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Forecasts and Views on Commodities

US is out of recession. China and India would still remain as the main drivers of growth and suppliers of manufactured "things" all over the world. So demand for metals from gold to silver to copper etc. would be? Yes you right would still be up and up and away months and even years from now!

China's appetite and India's gold demand would make oil, coal, iron, copper, silver etc. expensive.

Besides, conditions why commodity prices have been rising still true:

* China and India continue their torrid growth.
* Global stimulus plans are bullish for commodity prices
* And hedge funds and other speculative investors are big commodities players.

Anything is possible in terms of price and profits, of course.

Can oil go beyond 160$ again? What do you think?
Can gold go as high as 2,500$? Well..

So? invest wisely.