Monday, August 03, 2009

Is silver a good investment?

Duh! Of course, it is. IMO, the best of times to go into silver is now, let me repeat it, now..that is if you plan to hold silver for a very long time.

Why is that?

1. Silver is synonymous with gold.

2. Doubts on recovery, are we out of the worst or not?

A nasty little crash in October would send investors scurrying for safe haven assets in a renewed belief that the end of the world is coming. It would also mark a definite top for the bond market and investors would have no other alternative then except precious metals, fearing a surge in inflation from a second bailout package.

3. For the past 2 weeks the SILVER PRICE has risen twice as fast as gold.

4. And if you watch the video below, the Chinese are being encourage to buy bullions of silver...a billion of buyers it could only mean one thing and not the there enough silver for them to buy...cheaply? Do they something about hyper sumthin sumthin that we don't?

What are you waiting for?

Time frame: until we are clear of the woods.