Thursday, May 14, 2009

New fuel cell catalyst and investments flows

Material scientists at Washington University in St. Louis have developed a technique for a bimetallic fuel cell catalyst that is efficient, robust and two to five times more effective than commercial catalysts. This technique eventually will enable a cost effective fuel cell technology, which has been waiting in the wings for decades, and should give a boost for cleaner use of fuels worldwide.

At 60 Celsius degree (the typical operation temperature of a fuel cell), the performance almost meets the targets set by the US Department of Energy.

The Department of Energy has estimated for widespread commercial success as the "loading" of platinum catalysts in a fuel cell could be reduced by four times.

So? This is great news, of course. It is up to you how to make money out this.


In the USA, the number of new jobless claims rose to a seasonally adjusted 637,000, from a revised 605,000 the previous week. That's above analysts' expectations of 610,000.

Economists focused on the fact that initial claims remain below the peak reached in late March, a sign that the wave of mass layoffs announced earlier this year has crested.

"This is yet more evidence that we are now past the worst," Paul Dales, US economist at Capital Economics, wrote in a research note.

Do you believe, that once the market is so down, there is nowhere to go but up?


Lastly, in the Philippines.

Philippine foreign portfolio investments posted a net outflow of $276.1 million in April as global recession and wider budget deficit weakened investor sentiment in the country, the central bank reported today.

April's figures is a reversal of the $32.2 million net inflow posted in March.

? I thought the worst is over.