Wednesday, April 01, 2009

New PNR, New Trains, New Rails, and New Stations

I do not like GMA, but I have to admit that what she has done with the Philippine National Railways may become her legacy. And this is one of this administration's project that I appreciate.

On the news today:

“This project will provide an efficient transport service between Metro Manila, Central and Northern Luzon, it will reduce traffic congestion in Metro Manila and encourage urban development to other areas,” Bello said, adding that the supplemental loan does not represent the total cost of the project.

Press Secretary Cerge Remonde said that based on the report of Philippine National Railways (PNR) chairman Michael Defensor, six of the nine PNR stations would be ina
ugurated in April. Remonde said that the Sucat-Calamba leg will be operational by May, and the Calamba-Bicol portion, by September.

Here are some photos:
New Trains, there will be 18 of this set ordered from Rotem in Korea.
New Stations.
And new Rails without the illegal settlers (squatters). Most of them were provided with housing through NHA - through the hard, and impossible work of Kabayan Noli De Castro. Congrats Po!

It was impossible, it was difficult, but it happened. If you want to read more about this entry, and want to see more pics of all stations (where more than xyz,000 families were evicted - and now clean), hehehe, visit these forums:

Photos are not mine, I borrowed them from the forums below :).