Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Do we apologize to US Lance Cpl. Daniel Smith?

I don't know what to say.

Todays headline says: ‘Nicole’ recants, clears Smith


In my Jan. 3, 2007 post, I said:

Would there be such an issue now, if it was Jeepney driver that pick up Nicole in Subic? I mean what really happened? Common..

We have had too many misguided nationalists in this country that they are too misguided to still believe that the possibility that Smith is innocent, even for a 1% possibility, we still have to give him the benefit of the doubt. I mean Gabriela et al, and even Etta Rosales (which I saw on TV) were acting idiotic and strange, making mountains out of molehills. Why have they convicted Smith? I mean, why is the left and our too many misguided nationalists have given too much attention than is necessary to the case, as if it is the Holy Grail of solving all our problems? Is it because he is an American? What if he was a Filipino Jeepney driver?


To be honest, from the very start I had doubts that there had been rape.

It is good that Nicole finally came forward to set the truth straight.

There are women (hindi lahat) that "use lies" or are compulsive liars just to get back on an insult made on them. Nicole was such a kind of woman.


Many people with political interests/motives rode...rode... well the issue for their own blind/stupid interests. nalaglag.

If only they have been open minded, objective, and fair.

A person, Daniel Smith, would not have suffered for more than 2 years in jail.


Sarado na kasi mag-isip minsan ang iilan.