Saturday, February 07, 2009

Is the $827 billion economic stimulus bill enough?

Japan during her recession spent around 3 trillion dollars and was not very successful. So, is the $827 billion economic stimulus bill enough to get US out of recession? You're guess is as good as mine. Yup, the US economy is way bigger than Japan.

More is needed I guess. So don't be comfortable with it.

The Dow Jones closed above the 10 day moving average last Friday, but remember that on January 29 the Dow gave back all of its gains. If it is going to do the same next week, will find out.


On a different story, GMA seems to have been denied, not once but thrice, I guess, in meeting or at least talking with BO.

Masakit kya yon sa ego nya?

Well she settled for the next best thing: GMA met Obama’s erstwhile Democratic rival, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, on Friday in Washington, D.C., a day after she made an unscheduled visit to the US capital to attend the National Prayer Breakfast.


Are honorary doctorate degrees open now to Boxers? If it is a PhD in Sports, that's great. Cebu’s Southwestern University (SWU) has decided to confer an honorary doctorate on boxing champion Manny Pacquiao on Feb. 18, but at least two educators there resisted the idea.