Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Do you want fries with that?

Yup, it is dreadful, that the day looms, sooner than later, that the most jobs that would be available in the US would be those, Do you want fries with that?

What's my take?

US cannot take most of the jobs lost to India and other countries back. Why? Are they (Americans) willing to work in factories again, the way the Chinese people are currently doing now? Are they willing to work on aggressive phone selling, the way the Indians are doing now? For peanuts (I mean for a dollar or less an hour). Are they? To be honest, Do you want fries with that? jobs in the US pays better, than those jobs they have lost to China and India.

Bailout for US automakers. What? Can they compete with Honda, Suzuki, Daihatsu, and others coming out of China and India? Cheaper (actually very cheap - some at give away prices- almost), more efficient (yup, not gas guzzler, more mileage), and equipped with new technologies. Tata is coming out with cheap wind powered cars. So? It is throwing good money after bad.

If bailout is made, then the US economy, is indeed, in badder shape that I thought. Economist and policy makers cannot think straight. It is a sign that the party of throwing away good money after bad has just started. And there will be no end in sight for it.


Let us go back to basic.

They have industrialized - now it moved to Asia, and China.
War business - now done, dictators are gone. Only idiot governments are buying guns.
Internet Boom - now over.
Housing Boom - now unraveling.

What is next?

US can rely only on new technologies, new discoveries, and innovations; and sell them to the world.

Only if Bush did not put into the corner "stem cells" research - there would have been major innovations by now that the US can market to the world. And that includes financing in other promising technologies such as nano technology, green energy etc. New companies and products would have been produced from these technologies that could have propelled the Wall Street to new highs, and more prosperity to the US economy.

But Bush preferred WAR. Being macho did not save the day. And it was costly....trillions of dollars spent on imaginary enemies in Iraq. But, was fun while it lasted.


I hope 2009 would not be as bad as 2008. But to be honest - it is going to be worse. The bottom is not yet in sight.