Wednesday, October 01, 2008

There is a hole

There is a ship in the hole (hehehe), what I really mean is there is a big hole in the biggest ship called USA and its located on Wall Street. People in the upper deck are still debating whether to plug the hole or not. The ships captain has commanded, "let's plug it, asap" but the crew were not listening. Why? You're guess is as good as mine.

Every minute in a day, the water volume is rising - but people are not worrying that much because the ship is too big. But as the water rises, it is and will be getting difficult to plug - a rush of water is just a matter of time. Tilting of the big ship is just a matter of time.

Buffett to Invest $3 Billion in G.E. (I hope this hole got plugged.)


On the other side of the ocean. The ship nearby called EU already got cracks. Looked at these:

Bradford & Bingley
UniCredit ( HypoVereinsbank of Germany and Bank Austria)

But the crew on the EU ship are better at plugging holes, but they can only plug holes too many.


Our's is just a boat - a bangka. Our bangka is tied, somewhat, to both of these ships. With huge waves, the bangka can turn over - literally - but then, as most fisherman know - a quick push and pull with strong force can easily drain the bangka of water. But because it is loaded - a few too many can drown.

What a horrible scenario.


Soon we will be watching a true to life movie titled : Global Depression - coming soon to theaters near you.