Thursday, October 30, 2008

Money! Money! Another Way

There is another new way to earn money,that is, if you are a publisher (blogger or webmaster).

I joined them last August 14, so I put in their 2 line code on my site and in September 30 I reached the 100$ threshold. I got my payment yesterday. It took me just 1 and a half month to earn 100$. It is not big, I know; but we have to start somewhere.

This program is legit, and they pay monthly via Paypal, and they offer great PPC, almost similar to Adsense.

In my Paypal payment with them yesterday, I got invited to join their affiliate program. So?

If you have a great traffic and is interested to join their program, then check out the link below.

Check this out and sign up : I want to earn money from my sites.