Wednesday, August 20, 2008

How to earn Money from Ebay Easily

This procedure is quite simple.

1. First thing that you should do is get an account from (1) ebay; and (2) Paypal. With an ebay account you can start selling, and with Paypal, you can start getting paid. Easy.

2. Next before you start selling on ebay, build a reputation first. Buy products whose prices are a dollar or less, with 20 dollars spent, you can easily have 20 positive feedbacks. You provide feedback to the seller, and in return you will get a positive feedback as well. After this, you can start selling on ebay by opening a seller’s account.

3. Now where do we get the products? We go to discount stores. Copy and Past the product from the site – and start selling. But do some research first to identify products that sell fast and quick.

4. Paste them on ebay. Once you get a sell – make sure you have been paid in full. Then contact the whole sale supplier, place the order, pay, and put in the name and shipping address of the buyer. Take the tracking ID so you can, and the buyer as well, monitor the purchase online.

5. You pocket the profit.