Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Access free, crytal-clear new stations with HD Radio

Almost everything now is getting upgraded. What about your radio?

Yup, there is an upgrade now. If you are getting poor quality sound and fewer stations, maybe its time for you to upgrade and get an HD Radio. With HD Radio you get FM stations now with CD-quality sound and AM stations now with FM-quality sound and crystal-clear reception with no audio distortions. is amazing! Once you hear the difference, you won’t let go, and you’ll know you want an upgrade right now.

How much would it cost? It is free! Instead of subscription-based satellite radio, why not enjoy a ground antenna based radio--a digital version of FM and AM that can offer you a range of digital radio options at no cost. If you are in Florida, you can get more new country music stations, and Florida High Definition Radio stations. Radio stations started to digitize their towers and program multiple broadcasts (HD2/HD3 multicasts) over the same frequency enabling High Definition Radio stations now deliver quality and great sound.

Also if you got a Polk Audio I-sonic ES2, when songs are playing over the built-in HD Radio, you can tag and create a custom playlist on docked iPods, allowing songs to be purchased later on the web. The ES2 also features XM Connect & Play capability, a CD/DVD drive for audio playback, an alarm clock mode, and 360-degree sound for your complete music and sound needs.