Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Ikobo - a safe and fast way to send money to the Philippines

First, I want to welcome iKobo to our family of sponsors on this site.

Second, if you are an OFW, particularly in Saudi Arabia or in other countries in the Middle East, you can send money now at the comfort of your office. No need to wait on those horrendous long lines and no waiting until the Sala is over to commence sending money to your loved ones back in the Philippines. How do we do this?

Visit iKobo Money Transfer. There's no easier way to send money to the Philippines. Use any computer, at any time of day, just a few clicks of the mouse and your Philippines money transfer is done.

Ok, here is more from their website:

iKobo is different from traditional money orders or wire transfers. You tell us where to send the money, and we Fed-Ex a Visa® Prepaid Card directly to your friend or family member. Once they have the card, you can transfer money to the Philippines within seconds, from your checking or savings account or a credit or debit card. The Visa® Prepaid Card can be used to withdraw cash at any Visa ATM, or used for purchases wherever debit cards are accepted. It's simple and secure. Money transfer to the Philippines has never been easier.

Just set up a free iKobo Money Transfer account, and you can start sending money to the Philippines right away. It is as easy as going online. Send money to the Philippines and take out the cash from a VISA atm. Using iKobo is less expensive than wire transfers, money orders or other agent-based money sending locations.

So what are you waiting for? Save by sending your money safely, cheaply and fast - without waiting in a long line.