Friday, February 08, 2008

What is GMA doing?

What is Malacanang doing?

Is 22% commission on projects an official policy?

On the one hand, children are committing suicide, people are dying from poverty, millions are jobless, people are dying because of lack of medicine and expensive hospitals bills, children are doing classes in makeshift classrooms and under the trees, malnutrition is widespread.....

And on the other,

1. government officials like Abalos brokered the NBN/ZTE deal for 130 million dollars commission.

2. the $1-billion South Rail project was "overpriced" by 22 percent or around $70 million to accommodate the kickbacks for GMAs brokers.

3. I wonder how much Abalos got from the P1.3 billion purchase of useless automated vote-counting machines (also under Abalos) that the Supreme Court found to be tainted with anomalies.


Hay...what should the people do? Ang mga lider natin ay mga kawatan at walang konsensya.