Sunday, February 03, 2008

Shameless Congressmen Part II

Part 1 of this post was yesterday and it read:

Because the son Jose "Joey'' De Venecia III exposed and testified on the scrapped $329-million National Broadband Network deal. The FG, probably told his sons, let us "ganti" on the "father" i.e. the Speaker.

If you are a father, you know very well that you cannot control your sons and daughters. If you are a son or daughter, you know you cannot be controlled, 100%, at all, by your parents.

For me, it was important that JDV III exposed the NBN deal.

For JDV, even if he is replaced, he should make sure that the challenge be made on the floor, so we - the people - can at least hear the shamelessness of our congressmen and women.

I will enjoy taping my favorite congressmen on you tube, with a bit of a backgrounder, why and how the eviction occurred.

Let us wait what is going to happen this week.


Part 2, is a quoted news item from PDI:

De Venecia: ‘Let it be. So be it’

MANILA, Philippines -- “Let it be. So be it,” embattled Speaker Jose de Venecia Jr. said of his former allies’ move to oust him.

But De Venecia, who is in danger of losing his post this Monday noon, could not hide his disappointment over an alleged admission by chief presidential legal counsel Sergio Apostol that the crisis in the House was the result of his son’s expose on the allegedly anomalous national broadband network project.

It was the Speaker’s businessman-son, Jose Joey de Venecia, who implicated Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo’s husband in the NBN controversy.

“If that is the truth that’s coming out. If what they are saying is this is their reason behind the move to oust me, then we are no longer talking about national interest. It is only a vendetta if that is what an official from MalacaƱang is saying,” De Venecia said in Filipino over radio dzMM.

“And I’m sure God in his fullness, kung yung aking anak sinabi lang ang totoo at ngayon ako ang paparusahan dahil yung anak ko sinabi ang totoo ay hindi yata maganda sa bayan natin [if I am being punished because my son spoke the truth, then I don’t think that is good for our country]. I hope not, I pray that this is not the case,” he said.

De Venecia turned down his opponents’ proposal to accept a graceful exit as he insisted for an actual voting on the floor.

He said he just would like to see each congressman declaring “publicly and openly” that they no longer wanted him to be the Speaker and that they wanted Nograles to replace him.

“Ang [The] graceful exit, itataas ko ang kamay niya [I will raise his hand, Nograles], igagalang ko siya [I will respect him] once they have the majority vote. But they should declare publicly and openly na ayaw na nila sa akin at gusto nila si [that they no longer want me and that they want] Boy Nograles,” he said.


That is a very brave answer by JDV. My question to our law makers:

Asan ang moralidad nyo? May natitira pa ba? Do you think that what you are doing is right? or Wrong? Is it evil or good?

We people are reading and listening to the news and we are currently vomiting with disgust!