Thursday, February 07, 2008

Moderate their greed

This was the marching orders given by Romulo Neri to the consultant, Jun Lozada.

What does this mean? I can only guess:

1. Neri knows, and probably had a cut too.
2. Abalos and FG were obviously brokering the NBN/ZTE deal for 130 million dollars commission.
3. The people and the government had been made a milking cow by our corrupt officials. This is akin to grabbing a piece of food from a baby's mouth.

Children are committing suicide, people are dying from poverty, millions are jobless, and what is the government doing?

Madadala ba nila ang mga nakaw na milyones na yan pag sila ay namatay? Ano ang sasabihin nila kay San Pedro? hehehe.