Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Stock markets are falling

Every one is in panic. Everyone wants to sell. Everyone is pricing, anticipating a recession. Stock market are falling all over the world, no exceptions. Hay.... the global slump this year, 2008, which means the past few days, has wiped out more than $5 trillion paper money from stock markets.

When will this end?

To quote a news from the NYTimes today:

FRANKFURT — Fears that the United States may be in a recession reverberated around the world on Monday, sending stock markets from Mumbai to Frankfurt into a tailspin and puncturing the hopes of many investors that Europe and Asia would be able to sidestep an American downturn.

Asian markets today, Tuesday, also fell horribly. What's up for Wednesday?


Nothings lasts. I actually feel it is a good time to buy, but let us wait untils the dusts settled. In the meantime, hold on to your gold, and dollars for now.