Monday, January 21, 2008

Scrubs & Beyond

If you work in the medical profession, that is, if you are a Nurse or a Doctor, then you must continue reading this post because this is about you guys and gals. Recently, the Scrubs & Beyond announced the launch of Katherine Heigl's stylish new brand of professional. Yes, you can get from Scrubs & Beyond the latest medical uniforms, nursing scrub tops, nursing uniforms, peaches scrubs and nursing scrub jackets in your favorite medical nursing uniforms name brands. They also offer petite medical scrubs, tall medical scrubs, and plus size medical scrubs.

These collections of professional Medical Scrubs were influenced by the talented actress, Katherine Heigl and created by Peaches Uniforms. These creations are attractive yet practical, inspired by the everyday needs of medical professionals at all levels. When medical professionals look and feel great, the patients felt reassured and safe that they are in professional hands. This collection demonstrates an inspiring way for medical professionals to dress the part and is available now exclusively at Scrubs & Beyond. To order, visit their site now at