Saturday, December 22, 2007

What happened to me in 2007?

I believed I am anonymous on the web, mocs, is just a pseudonym. But the web is the web, anonimity, is possible only to some extent. Thus, this post is full of honesty, to some extent.

2007 is my second year of being unemployed, by choice. It is an experiment. Years back, when I was working in Manila, being unemployed for 3 months would made me, possibly, begging on the streets. Today, being unemployed for almost 2 years, is no pain! Really. Not that I won the lotto, but through planning and hardwork.

I decided to quit Manila, and its environs for the simple reason of traffic, congestion, pollution, flood, and wide spread of something...I wanted a quality life. Life is short, and my more than a decade stay in Manila was more than enough. Sure, I visit Manila every now and then, but only for a few days. I never regretted the move.

Also, I worked in KSA for around 2 years. I quit, not that I am a quitter, only that my targets were met, and so I have to moved on. I saw guys there, working for 20 -30 years, sending their salaries back home to their families who barely knew them...anymore. Our modern heroes. I do not want to grow old, and be still a "desert slave". I do not want to be a hero, if being one is being an OFW for life. I value my time, quality time (it is the most expensive commodity in my vocab). So, I quit, move on, and never regretted the move.

Anyway, what did I do, that I can afford a claim of 2 years unemployment is no pain..any longer?

What I did was save and save money while I was in KSA. Invested them, you can read most of them in my previous posts for more details (June, July, August, and September to December 2006 posts). Being overseas, from the very start, I knew, was my ticket to economic freedom. Freedom not to work, not to have a Boss, to buy anything, to go anywhere. And most importantly, to do the things I like and love doing. To be a community asset, and to have the ability to help people.

For the past two years, I did not worry that I will have nothing. But, I worried how I can make more out of my assets. I worried about the people I helped, the scholars I am sending to schools, the farmers that need money for tractor repairs or fertilizers, the basketball team I sponsored and their games.

A shift in perspective. A moved out of the rat race. A quality time. Freedom.


My assets grew by 400K in peso terms, this year.
Earnings from blogs (+10), for this month, would reach, hopely, 1K US dollars.
Purchased, and fully paid a valuable lot in the City.
I have fully developed the farms I owned. Production increased by 80%.
Purchased 1 multicab - cash. Will buy another 2 in February.
Agri-lending (the crown jewel), assets grew near 1M, liabilities, 300K.
And many more, hehehe.

What else?

2007 was a great year. It defined more the things that I want to do for 2008.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year....everyone.