Wednesday, December 19, 2007

International Plastics

If you are a grocery owner or a small scale manufacturer of various types of goods; and you are searching for an ideal supplier of plastic bags and films for your product packaging, then just might be the website that you are looking for. They are the industry leader for custom Plastic Bag. International Plastics is a custom manufacturer (extruder and converter) of polyethylene film and bags, specializing in all types of poly bags, plastic bags, plastic liners, drum liners, box liners, Reclosable Bags, retail shopping bags,Retail Trade Show Bags, merchandise bags, trade show bags, poly tubing, and poly films. Among the products that you can order from their website are as follows:

• Various size bags and films ranging from very small to very large.
• Custom printed bags and films ranging from simple one color flexography to six color photograph quality rotogravure images. They also offer in-house design and art services.
• Bag styles such as: gusseted, wicketed, tamper evident, bags on rolls, etc.
• Barrier materials to control moisture and oxygen transmission for extended storage.
• Various closures on bags, such as: zip lock, draw- tape, draw-string, lip and tape, etc.
• Specialty, multi-layer films for unusual environments such as: heat, oil, chemical, etc.
• Custom film blends with UVI, EVA, EMA, antistat, color tints, slip, etc.
• Low melt films for batch inclusion.

So, if you need plastic products that are excellent and reliable on affordable prices, visit their site or contact their customer support if you want to ask questions or if you want some more information.