Monday, December 03, 2007

In the pursuit of Age Reversal

My mother, whenever asked how old she is, always answers that there is no point asking about her age anymore as she is now counting her age backwards, hehehe. This started since she reached the age of 70, and that was three years ago.

Now, when it comes to Science, things we thought impossible becomes possible. Listen, recently there had been a breakthrough that is, a million times better than the use of cosmetics to hide your age, the use of surgery, liposuction, among others to stay young.

It is Age reversal!

The new find­ings are de­scribed in the Dec. 15 cover paper of the research jour­nal Genes & Development. The key to the process was block­ing a gene called NF-kappa-B in the skin, said the sci­en­tists, led by Howard Chang of Stanford University School of Medicine in California.

Scientists are reporting what they say ap­pears to be the first successful reversal of aging, at least in one organ: the skin of mice.

These find­ings suggest that ag­ing is not just a re­sult of wear and tear, but is also the consequence of a continually active genetic program that might be blocked for improving human health,” said Chang.

Chang and colleagues had previously identified NF-kappa-B as “master regulator” of ag­ing associated gene activation programs in hu­mans and mice. In effect, the gene promotes the ac­ti­vity of an array of other genes implicated in aging. Chang’s team engineered a mouse with a gene that could counteract NF-kappa-B, but which was inactive by default. This blocking gene could be ac­tivated in the skin, though, by applying a special cream.


I am hoping that one’s this technology becomes fully developed 20 years from now, (when I am around 50yrs old, hehehe); I already the money to pay for this special cream. I wonder how much would it cost? The market potential of this product is huge, so I am sure, research and development work to further developed this "special cream" is on a rush! Hurry up guys, before wrinkles starts showing on my face. I want to be reverted back to 16 years old!