Sunday, December 30, 2007

How I renewed my self.

Ten years ago, back in the Philippines, since I started and learned drinking, I used to visit beer houses and have at least 5 bottles of beer almost every night. After several years of drinking, I was feed up, but all my friends and buddies where drinkers, and I did not have the “self will” to discipline and control my drinking habit, it was a challenge for me to get away from friends and community who drinks every now and then, to an extent that my family was wondering whether I was an alcoholic or not.

Another was, although I had a job with a reasonable salary, I can barely save. I sort of existed hand to mouth, I worked, get my salary every 15th but before the 30th comes - all money was gone. A cycle, with no way out, that went on for years. It was like a trap. Not much savings was made over the years of working. My guess, it was all taken by the beer houses and San Miguel Beer.

So, years after my College graduation; my plans of having my own business, or my own house, or car remained just that: plans. Dreams unfulfilled.

I knew I needed a break. So, I resigned from my work; and I started looking for a new job, and found one in Saudi. Six months after I arrived in Saudi I achieve the following:

1. I stayed sober for 6 months (really!), not a drop of alcoholic drink entered my palate. I have no choice because alcoholic drinks are not legal in Saudi. Today, I still drink to the max occasionally, but not the same as before, there is more control and discipline now, hopefully.

2. Because, almost everything was paid for by my company, I saved 85% of my salary. For the first time ever, I had a huge amount of money deposited in my bank account that I started thinking about investments. It is so easy to think about business, or buying your own house and lot, or buying a car, when you have the money in the bank.

3. I was not only able to help myself, but also my family and others.

So in my opinion, working overseas (in KSA) was a place for me to re-start, to control my drinking, to save money, to have peace of mind among others, and most importantly to start fulfilling my dreams.

This experience, of course, is not guaranteed to happen to everyone, the experience of some OFW in KSA was/is a nightmare. Mine was for healing of some sort.


PS: As you may already know, I am now back in the Philippines managing my own business. I worked in KSA for around two years.