Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Be a Flight Attendant

One of my relatives’ dreams is to become a Flight Attendant. She asked us what course to take in College so she can be a Flight Attendant. I told her, I do not know whether there is such as course as BS Flight Attendant, or whatever. What I know is that, you have to have at least a BS degree, most likely, public relations, I guess, or HRM. There are also, personality and height requirements, in some airlines.

Searching the internet, so I can help her, I found this flight attendant school. This site, International Air and Hospitality Academy, offers training programs for the travel industry including Flight Attendants. So if you are planning to be a Flight Attendant, I would suggest for you to visit their site. They are one, of the many, travel agent school or flight attendant school that will help you fulfill your flight attendant career. Getting a flight attendant training courses will help you get a job quickly because most of the commercial airlines prefer to hire job candidates who have taken this kind of training courses.