Sunday, November 18, 2007

What's up, Loren?

I actually do not have much time to post now, because I am planning to go to Cebu for some escapades...hehehe. Until I read the news today from the PDI:

"The Senate committee on economic affairs will look into the peso’s steep ascent and assess the strong currency’s impact on Filipinos, particularly exporters, call center operators and overseas workers.

Committee chair Sen. Loren Legarda said the peso’s rise had become critical, especially after the Social Weather Stations (SWS) released a survey showing that at least five million Filipinos have been adversely affected by the peso’s surge against the greenback.

“While a strong peso benefits the economy, there is also a need to look into the legitimate concerns on the effects of the surging peso to the overall performance of the financial market,” Legarda said. "


I am not really sure what she wants, hehehe. She is not an economist, and I am not. She is a Senator, and I am not. But, really, if the goal is to legislate the Forex of Peso vis a vis the dollar (and therefore all the other currencies all over the world), all I can say is........ what? hehehe.

All I am saying, is that, since she is a broadcaster - journalist, she better stick to the various issues that involves the media such as:

1. the Lolit bruhaha
2. the Malou drama
3. the unprofessionalism of so many of them
4. these never ending telenovelas that teaches kids nothing but how to be bad persons/ kids, how to swear, how to hate friends, how to betray family members etc.
5. and many others

Is she an economist now? Not even the US Senate or Congress can legislate the real value of the Dollar. Well, Malaysia tried it in 1997, but, we all know the effects then...

This is all for now.
I hope I don't get arrested for this, similar to the boybastos guy, hehehe.