Thursday, November 08, 2007

Remortgages Online

We have been posting here all the movement in forex, gold, oil and stocks for the past several months. Most of us know that the current movements in the financial market primarily in the US and else where were caused by the housing crisis that hit the US last year and early this year. The problems spread to other areas in the world including U.K. The news today from the New York Times quoted Ben S. Bernanke, the chairman of the Federal Reserve, that the US economy is likely to slow noticeably in the months ahead. Interest rates had been cut twice this year. All these happening are due to the sub-prime mortgages problems the past several months.

But in situations of crisis, there’s always an opportunity, thus companies who recognized the opportunities due to the sub-prime problems began offering their services to help people Compare Mortgages in the U.K. This is because, those that have been affected by this current sub-prime problems would likely look for remortgages , that is, to refinance their existing loans, or by simply changing to a mortgage lender that could offer better interest rates. So, for first time buyer mortgages finding the right mortgage lender would be quite daunting. Where should they go? They can go to mform’s site to check out their first time buyer mortgage guide. Information such as: buying a house ranging from choosing a property, choosing a mortgage, mortgage features, and they can use the multiple calculators to check stamp duty, rate change, and monthly payment among others.