Friday, November 30, 2007

Another Forecast: Martial Law in the Philippines?

This administration, from what I have seen the past few days, is becoming dangerous. What are those?

1. When Roxas was declared President of Liberal Party, and the Nationalista Party declared Villar. I heard,rather read, somewhere, that GMA issued an statement to the effect that 2010 is still far away (read: I am not handing power yet, or ever!).

2. With the recent Trillanes and Lim brohahah at the Manila Peninsula, this administration, tested, how the people and media would react, in case a Martial would be declared in the future. Testing the grounds, so to speak i.e.:

a. how would the people react if a curfew is declared? Can they manage a curfew, and can a martial law be declared in 2010? Is it still possible?

b. how would the media react? can we still arrest dozens of media, manageably, and discipline them?


People of the Philippines, watch out!