Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Where is the Peso now, and others

The Peso today is at 44.115, maybe before the week is over, it will reach and firm up at 43 something. I am no longer sure whether this is good, or bad news. I guess it is both, good news for some, and bad news for others. Although, I am getting a few hundred dollars a month from blogging, I am not affected as much as the OFWs who are probably sending thousands of dollars a month, or the exporters, who shipping out goods worth millions of dollars.


Anyway, the real bad news is that oil in the world market is now at more than 90 dollars a barrel. So?

" Consumers may have to bear another P2 to P3 per liter increase in petroleum prices in the coming weeks if global oil prices continue to swell, an industry official said.

Independent Philippine Petroleum Companies Association (IPPCA) chairman Fernando Martinez said a more than $90-per-barrel cost of petroleum could translate to P2 to P3 per liter under-recoveries for oil companies, which they would eventually pass on to consumers."
This is according to Philippine Star.


Another thing is, you probably have seen many paid posting here and in my other blogs. This is because it is near the end of the month, and payments for some of my blog posts will soon start, so I really have to blog quickly to get a few more dollars, hehehe.


Also, I will be at my farm tomorrow. I have to sell around 100 sacks of Palay earned from payments of my AgriLending Business. Most of the earnings this cropping will be rolled over to the next para mas dumami pa ang pera natin, hehehe.

Dito na muna.