Thursday, October 11, 2007

Communal Feeding of Babies

I have been to my farm yesterday. I have been entertained and been drunk. I sold 51 sacks of palay yesterday at 10.00 pesos a kilo. The palay sold was a payment of one of my clients in my Agri-loan Program. Also, copra harvesting on my farm is on going, so more money are expected in a few days. Harvest of palay from my own farm will not start until mid November. Hey…This is not the topic of my blog post, hehehe.

What I learned during my visit to my farm was that, when a mother (a friend or a neighbor) who has a baby, and they go to the farm or the city or somewhere else; they can entrust their babies to their neighbor/ friends who are also lactating i.e. with a baby and breast milk. The mother entrusted with the baby will breastfeed her/him without any complaints, whatsoever.

I am amazed, other mothers are breastfeeding someone else babies!

Ito na muna. May hangover pa, hehehe.