Saturday, September 22, 2007

ZTE - NBN Deal Suspended

It was a good move. The moved hopefully would quite the contoversy.

I watch the hearing over the ANC. And my few cents are as follows:

1. When it comes to money - all our politicians are active. Understandable, hehehe.

2. What is the role of the Senate? To investigate corruption? Kick backs and pay offs?

3. Unexpectedly, in a Senate hoped to be sane, only Merriam makes sense! I will vote for her, again, anytime.

Is it possible for the Senate to come up with just a Committee to gather information and evidence on corruption and file them with proper courts - sans extensive hearings, grandstanding and all?

What I want to hear from the Senate are more substance. For example:

a. A hearing on how we can improve employment in the country.
b. A hearing on how can the government/Philhealth improve its services.
c. A hearing on the feasibility, urgency and affordability, and what are the best options technically on the NBN project.
d. A hearing on how we can improve the educational system. Etc.

Please enough of politics and grandstanding.