Saturday, September 22, 2007


I was out yesterday looking for good DVDs, when I meet a long lost friend. As usual, nagkayayaan, and so we went for drinking in a Videoke bar. I was a little bit pressed because I did'nt have enough cash on hand, good thing was, I remembered I transfered money from my Paypal account (I usually transfer money from my Paypal because I am afraid it would get limited) to my VMI card. So, off I went to BDO and took out 5K. Hehehe.

That amount was all from blogging "paid post" and from "link offers". I sometimes get paid 25 dollars on a post, which took me 10-15 minutes to write and publish. Also, links are mostly paid by

To my fellow Pinoy bloggers who are finding it difficult to blog "paid posting" and to accept "link offers" because Philippines is in the limited list of Paypal countries, then maybe you can do what I did. And here it is:

1. Get a VMI (Virtual Money Card), email her : , if she still sell VMI cards, I bought mine from her. Paid her via Western Union. Cost is 3K pesos including mailing, card activation etc. Once you send the payment, she will send and you will get the VMI Card with instructions.

2. Open a PayPal US. And attach your VMI card to your Paypal account.

3. You can now start doing "paid post" and accept "link offers". Or sell anything on the internet and accept payment via Paypal. You should transfer, every now and then, your balance in your Paypal to your VMI card. You can withdraw the money from Metrobank or BDO ATM machines.

Good luck.

PS: I have been using VMI Card since June without any problems.