Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Peso-Dollar Forecast

If you have been following this blog, then you know that we have been blogging about foreign exchange trading, and currency forecast for the past two years. We predicted correctly the movement of the Peso from 56 down to 45. We also correctly guessed the movement of Gold and Silver.


We will predict where will be the peso be, three months from now. Although I prefer its current rate of 45, my guts tell me that by December 15, it will be at 42-43. What is your guess?


On the news (PDI):

MANILA, Philippines -- The Philippines has failed to make itself a better place for businesses, slipping eight notches to 133rd out of 178 economies surveyed by the World Bank.

Last year, the country ranked 126th in the World Bank's global competitiveness survey, where the institution annually assesses the ease of doing business in a particular economy.

The government last year launched a high-profile attempt to address the very problems affecting the country, as mentioned in the World Bank's 2006 survey.


Clearly, the efforts of the governments' "high profile attempt" to address the countrys' problems was just a mere attempt. Hay.........