Saturday, September 22, 2007

I am tied

What a title.

Years back, when I got nothing, when I was searching for job/s, and was not yet managing my business; I can go anywhere I wish (except the moon, hehehe), anytime. Now that I am micro-managing my business (maliit pa kasi) and because I am so afraid of failing - I cannot go anywhere - I feel I am tied to it daily. It is like adsense, where I feel compelled to check my earnings 2x daily, hehehe!

I need to come up with a management system that will run by itself without me. I do not want to be tied running my business because I do not want to get old, adding money, counting money, depositing money, paying money etc. hay... but my fear is, like Reyna Elena, my relathieves, whatever that means.

So..I have to come up with management system.ASAP.


Been to my farm today to check things up. Everything is fine. Harvest is soon due - makaka-alpas na rin sa current situation, and time to jump to the next phase of improving my current businesses. This is because, harvest time, provides me with enough liquidity to acquire more things, and to buy this and that to expand my business.