Monday, July 30, 2007

Liquidated Shoes

Are you looking for a good deal? I found a site called merchandizeliquidators, where you can buy wholesale shoes cheaply for 7.99 dollars per pair provided you purchase a minimum of 180 pairs. These shoes included high fashion dress shoes, athletic shoes, and branded shoes. Most of these are factory surplus or overstock, and sold below whole sale prices. The shoes for sale cover a variety of sizes, styles, colors and brands. For example, some of the women designer shoes may have Polo, DKNY, Tommy, Nine West among other brands.

How many shoes did you say? Yes, you read me right 180 pairs! Now you might ask what you are going to do with 180 pairs of shoes. My suggestions are as follows:

1. In our culture we need to have lots of “pasalubong”. Now, as an OFW, if you are planning to go on vacation, you can consider buying these shoes for your community of friends and relatives back home. This is better, instead of cash or food items.

2. Or, if you are feeling generous; you can buy them and give them as Christmas gifts to our poor kababayans, to a charity organization, or to your local school. You can also buy the shoes for yourself, use some of it, and donate the rest.

3. Or, if you are entrepreneurial, you can resale them, and profit handsomely. This is great if you or your relative have a store back home.

This maybe an opportunity.