Sunday, November 12, 2006

Stem Cells: Ultimate Cure?

I have always commented in some blogs, even in my own blog entries the potential of stem cells as the ultimate cure. I have read somewhere that the next knowledge revolution is on biology: the next frontier.

It now starts, this weeks news from, reported that " Stem cells fend off lung cancer" , a big hope for smokers to live a longer life. The report further notes that,

Embryonic stem cells, the controversial and versatile cells that seem able to do just about anything, have now expanded their repertoire into cancer prevention. A vaccine made from these cells shields mice against developing lung cancer under conditions thought to mimic the effects of smoking.

O diba?
If you read deeper the highlighted portion of the above paragraph, it could mean the cells could possibly cure paralysis by creating new nerve connections, alzheimer by creating and reviving those loose connections in the brain, and probably in the future, tricked the cells to grow a new heart to replace tired old ones, grow new and young eyes to replace those blurry catharic eyes, and even replace our old raggy skin with a youthful one.

Well, what's my point? Business, of course.... how you/we wish to have purchased Microsoft stocks during its infancy, I mean, before it become the Microsoft that we know today?

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