Thursday, November 23, 2006

Pinay Mabuhay Ka!

Not that I am a woman, hehehe. I have a third leg, dangling in front of me, hahaha.

My previous post, surely is a testament of the quality of the Filipina. It may surprise women in the developed countries, from New York to California, to Toronto to Sydney, that Filipina women fare better in facets of gender equality.

Just look at my she played masterfully in running our family successfully. From preparing my breakfast, to washing my clothes to ensuring that I am on time in going to school (when I was a kid); not to mention that there were seven of us - kids that she had to attend to everyday.

Also, took a woman (GMA) to make sure the the country's economy kept on moving forward. We avoided an impending default, through her unpopular decisions of implenting EVAT and resisting coups etc. Comparatively...she was made of a better material than Thaksin, hehehe.

What else....our teachers of course, mostly women, educated most of us.

And finally, most of our OFWs are women, and they are doing unimaginable ordeals make sure that the young Filipinos can go to school, a new house is built, etc., and most importantly, to make sure that the Philippine economy is afloat. We all know OFWs sent around 13 B dollars this year to their families in the Philippines.

Mabuhay ka Inday..