Saturday, October 07, 2006

Who is underneath that veil?

Don’t interpret anything what I post on this blog. I have several good Muslim friends. And I don’t have a single of anything against Muslims.

Why is this my post? Well in the Arab News:

“LONDON/JEDDAH, 7 October 2006 — Comments made by former British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw that it would be better if Muslims women didn’t cover their faces in a full veil has angered many Muslims.”

But in the Philippines, I still have to see a veiled Filipina Muslim. I prefer meeting and dealing with women whom I can see a face; why?

1. because in countries like the Philippines, or Taiwan or Thailand, sometimes even men can pretend to be women, and sometimes more beautiful than women….hehehe. How much more if they are veiled? Di ba? Hehehe.

2. in the Philippines, kids’ concept of “aswang” is covering themselves with blankets, hehehe, what about an abaya and a veil?

So? Well…I guess will just have to respect everyone’s culture and fashion statement. If they want to wear a veil…let them be. But it is better if they don’t, IMO.


On another news: Philstar

Nagbabala kahapon ang Embahada ng Pilipinas sa Riyadh, Saudi Arabia sa mga overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) na mahigpit na tumupad sa pinaiiral na batas dito upang hindi na tumaas pa ang bilang ng mga Pinoy na nakakulong dahil sa iba’t ibang mga kaso.

Sa talaan ng Philippine Overseas Labor Office (POLO), may 256 Pinoy ngayon ang nakakulong sa 10 selda sa Saudi Arabia, 147 dito ay mga lalaki habang 109 ay mga babae.

Guys, let’s behave para di tayo makulong. Gusto mo ma “bartolina” hehehe; o kaya mapugutan? Saan? Sa baba o sa taas?