Thursday, October 12, 2006

PayPal in the Philippines

I recieved a forwarded email today saying that PayPal is now available in the Philippines, but with limited functionality.
As of October 12th, 2006, PayPal is now in the Philippines. However, users from the Philippines could only use PayPal to pay for transactions online, and are limited to sending up to $100 unless one verifies using a credit or debit card.

Thus far, it is still not possible to do the following:

* Load up one’s account thru credit card
* Receive funds
* Withdraw funds intto a local bank account.

I can speculate that some people will sign up but not as many as expected because of these limitations. We all know that we have tons of OFWs all over the world, and the most in demand transaction is to send and recieve money.
Let us hope that these limitations are lifted as soon as possible.