Friday, September 01, 2006

Mass Graves Found in Leyte

"Akala namin nagpunta lang ng Maynila at hindi na bumalik!" was what was said among one of the people in the grave site, probably a relative, yon pala, andito lang pala!

In the news (local TV in Leyte): mass graves were found in Inopacan Leyte, with more than sixty (67 was the latest count) skeletons found, with indications of torture before they were killed. Locals interviewed in the village who are former NPAs, Commanders, and Amazona, admitted that some of them were eye witnesses to the killings on orders of the high command of CPP-NPA. All of the them, and villagers "regretted ever joining the NPA".

One of the locals said " we were a stronghold of the NPA in the 80s and 90s. Not a single military can approach the village within its 20 km radius. Local NPA government existed here for years. We speculate there more of these mass graves around the island."

Hay.... I use to symphatize with the causes of the left before, pero ngayon hindi na! Their struggle may be legtimate, but the way they pursuing it is just not right.

Who are going to be held responsible for these mass killing? Joma Sison? Satur Ocampo? Ka Roger? Criminal cases should be filed in court and those responsible should be prosecuted. I hope this time, they are not going to hide in the guise of "political dessent" or "political prisoners".