Saturday, July 08, 2006

Bilog ang mundo

Before my first trip to Saudi I was in debt of 10T, panggastos sa pag-aabroad. No properties or investments in my name. Now – positive na, hehehe. My Saudi stint started way back in March 2003, which lasted until December 2003. I was jobless from December 2003 until October 2004, and so I returned to Saudi in November 2004, and work until September 2005, went back again in November 2005, until May 2006. I am now on vacation….and deciding what to do. Babalik pa ba, o hindi na?

My goal was sustainability, that is, to keep my hard earned money, and make it work for me. Thus far, I have reached my basic goals.

Farmers loan program. By next cropping, I expect to receive interest of the loan I granted to farmers as follows:

Boy – 100K – 80 sacks
Jessie – 40K – 32 sacks
Ati – 82K – 65 sacks
Eddie – 30K – 24 sacks
Eyet – 15K – 12 sacks
Gina _ 15K – 12 sacks
Com – 10K – 8 sacks
Dyor – rent – 10 sacks
Josephine – rent – 20 sacks

For a total of 263 sacks of palay per cropping or 526 sacks per year. A sack of palay can be sold for 320 pesos per sack so I am expecting an interest of 170K per year. My next goal is to construct a bodega so I can stock the palay and mill them to rice…this way I would double my profits. My budget for a small bodega is 150 to 200 K, pero worried ako – I do not want to sink this big amount into an infra. Kaya pag-iisipan ko talaga.

The coconut lands I bought during my first trip to Saudi is giving me an income of 3000 to 3500 pesos every two months, apart from the vegetables, fruits, and wild chicken which are not accounted in cash. My sharing system is 50% less expenses. So the farm is actually providing and income of around 10T every two months but my share is only 3 to 3.5K.

The two MCH (Motor Cab for Hire) is providing me an income of 600 pesos a day. I wanted to increase this to maybe 3 or 4, but my niece who is in-charge of the motor cabs told me that the City government would only allow 2 MCH per person, I can use a dummy, that is, name the new MCH I plan to acquire to somebody else, but he is worried that it might be difficult to maintain and manage, so OK na lang sa dalawa.

I purchased residential lots in the City, thus far I have four. I will acquire, an additional lot tomorrow, this time it is a beach front property of a new resort that is being developed here making all my lot 5. I plan to build a small cottage, and swim every morning…or probably go fishing when I get old...sana. My other three contiguous lots, is walking distance to this beach front lot, while the other one is very near to a college where I plan to put up a boarding house.

I have a big amount loaned as cash to some people – kaso ang hirap pa lang maningil. Iikot ako bukas para maningil, hehe.

And I have around 200K lying in the bank, and around 70K in pesos in my forex trading account.

The coop bank where the boundary money and the palay – interest I receive from the summer cropping has 60K, less expenses of my scholars, some house repairs, and house bills such as electricity, water and phone bills, that's the net amount they have saved and earned out of my investments while I was in KSA.

Ang mga punong kahoy that I planted are now around 6 feet tall – o diba? Mapapakinabanngan ko rin ito, 10 or 20 years from now. Narra trees are good money, I guess.

So palagay ko babalik pa rin ako sa Saudi for a year na lang talaga. I have to earn money for:

car or truck (200K)
bodega construction (200K), good for 1000 sacks of palay.
boarding house construction (200K) made of wood and concrete.
beach house construction (150K, native beach house).

Yan na lang talaga. Promise, hehehe. Pero pag iisipan ko pa rin, mahirap kasi harapin ang lungkot ng buhay sa disyerto. Savings of 50K a month, I would need to work for 12 more months – tiis.

I am also planning to clean up the land titles that I have in case I need them as bank guarantee for a big bank loan that I am planning - as capital for a bigger business I am planning to go into, after a year more of Saudi stint. Ano yon…ewan…but something related to what I am doing now.

Let us see.

PS: Last year I told myself, last na talaga at hindi na ako babalik. But now, babalik pa rin kaya? Hay…..buhay…..ang hirap.