Saturday, April 15, 2006

Trading tips

Well, if you are into game account, here is my trading tips for April 17 until the 30th. Although, I will trade this on real money account on a low leverage.

Long GBP/YEN at 207.825, TP 208.413, no stop loss (low leverage kasi)
Long US/YEN at 118.685, TP 119.120, no stop loss (low leverage din)
Short AUD/Yen at 86.38, TP 83.15, no stop loss (low leverage din, and a hedge to both yen shorts with GBP and US).

Now, let say, My capital is 5K at 1:30 leverage, which will have a tradeable amount of 140 K. I will trade it like this.

30 K Long GBP/YEN
30 K Long US/YEN
80K Short AUD/YEN

ON April 30, let's calculate how much profit and loss will get, OK?

Warning: If you trade this on real account, do not blame me, hehehe. I am not a professional forex trader. OK?