Monday, April 17, 2006

Paradise, indeed

I actually have written off Conrado de Quiros column as a read for the past several months, but the title of his column today caught my eyes; and let me quote some things from his column today that reminds me of my farm and province in the Visayas, hehehe:

I’ve tasted a variety of mangoes from all over the world, and I can say with reasonable certainty that none of them compares to ours. Our mangoes are the absolute best.

The idea of buying fruits was inconceivable then. Fruits were not something you bought, they were something you picked.

Yup, when I was young, actually, until today, we dont pay, we just picked and asked, at least in my farm and village; fruits like lanzones, balimbing, indian mango, kalamansi, sometimes buko, among others.

Beer and good company help to make the sand sparkle in the night. In any case, I don’t much like dipping into the water, I just like walking on beaches.

Yup, beaches and beers, and folk music...and.....while many parts of the world are draped in snow....well.... let get that fiesta going.

We have an almost daily fiesta, somewhere else, in my province. Summer is always the best of is the time we live a life...I mean living a life, hehehe.