Sunday, March 26, 2006

Office guys

When 3:45 pm sets in, three people from SRACO would start coming in to my room at the office. The first one would come in carrying a plastic bag to replace the trash can - plastic in my room. After a few minutes, another guy would come, with a perfumed pamunas - he would punas my table, the computer, and whatever thats inside the room. The third one is the vacuum guy....if I am still in my room and this vacuum guy comes in, I would force myself to get out of my room and go to a veranda for a smoke. Actually, I seldom see this guys doing their work because I start jumping out from my table to go home when 3:45 sets in.

Pero minsan nakaka-awa, I imagine myself, siguro kong hindi rin ako nag-aral, I would possibly be having a job similar to theirs. Mabuti na lang.

Ano ba to..maka alis na nga, andito na ang vacuum guy. hehehe