Sunday, March 26, 2006


This blog started because I wanted to post a comment in one of the blogs that I've read, and posting a comment required me to login. So, I opened an account in Blogger, since I don’t have a login name and password. Kaya, ayon…Pinoy sa KSA was born.

Whenever I read my entries, I can spot a horrible number of grammatical errors, lapses in tenses, wrong choice of words, etc. I am tempted to edit them – pero sabi ko blog lang ito, nobody knows me, and besides, I am too busy. Kaya hayaan mo na. My rule in writing is that, if it is clear, and I understood what I have written, pwede na yon.

I know there are many perfectionist out there, kaya pasensya na lang kayo.hehehehe.

What I have learned from blogging is that I have observed the limitations of my writing skills (mediocre, that's how my friend and myself would describe it) and how it improves over time. Another is, it makes me laugh at times not only because of my grammatical errors, but also of my naivety on some issues, and sometimes, because of the emotions expressed in my entries, hehehe.

Also, because it’s the first time that I have a record of the events that’s happening in my life, and it is somehow gratifying.

Gratification is more than enough for me to continue blogging, adsense is a bonus.