Monday, February 20, 2006

Bird Flu - 3

As part of my morning routine, coffee, bath, check my fx trades, place orders and stops, review my work target outputs for the day, checklist of my to do’s for the day, divide and schedule my time, squeeze some blog time, and scan the news. Part of the news that I scan are cnn, bbc, nytimes, iht, and arab news; apart from manila times, inq7, and philstar.

So?..well my blog yesterday was about bird flu. Today’s headline of the International Herald Tribune is about bird flu.

So?... I tried checking info’s whether our government has made preparations, protocols, to what extent, etc. if the bird flu hit pandemic levels today. Are we prepared? If not, is something being done about it?

The pandemic could happen/start tomorrow, next month or 5 years from now…who knows? And if projections are right it could possibly afflict 35% of our population.

So? My question is: Are there preparations being undertaken? Contingency plans?

Or tsaka na….wala pa naman eh. Or until when photo ops, becomes available?