Saturday, December 31, 2005

Starting 2006 with Optimism

We have two choices to start 2006. 1. Optimism, 2. Pessimism and I choose optimism. I believe that if all of us believe that 2006 is the start of our country's "take-off" that it would happen. I choose to believe…..believe. I also believe that this year, I will also "take-off", whatever that means.

The first sign….

One of my field partners, an American, went for vacation three weeks ago, and his recent email said that he just signed a contract with another company based in Alkhobar for 10K US + various perks. He will be back here this month. My Indian friend and I are thinking that if the offer is right, i.e. at least 2X of our current salaries that we will move as well. We will compose the first team, if ever. Although I am hesitant of moving because I like my current company, and the workload is very light i.e. doing internet and email 90% of the time with a salary of 5K SAR, which is not bad at all, but making it 10K SAR would be better! Hehehehe.

But is moving really the best option? I don’t know, so we are exploring if we can just sub-contract projects from this new company that will be set up by our American friend. It might be a much more lucrative approach than moving from our comfort zones. But then, if it won't work…then we will move. This will alter my plan…my duration of working here, instead of only until September and that's final, I might extend for another year…since I can't refuse the salary rate….sayang naman, hehehe.

Fingers crossed….lets see what's going to happen in 2006.'

Think positive and believe.